Making People Comfortable. is a banal mission pursued by all sofa manufacturers. But all too often it is swept aside and forgotten, sacrificed in the name of cost cutting. We firmly believe that our sofas and armchairs should be the best possible places for people to sit. We never compromise on this, or on many other things beside. Keeping prices low is a challenge for us too today. But we will never compromise on the quality of our materials, our production times, the care which goes into stitching and padding our sofas and testing all our products before they are delivered to our customers. That’s why the price of our products contains the very best we can do to make the most comfortable sofas.

Our Values

In fact, Nicoline takes pride in being able to keep and coordinate all production departments: a designers’ office that closely works also with international designers, a very modern technical bureau, sewing and leather-cut departments, upholstery, wrapping-up and loading department and, importantly, a quality control department. Therefore, not only Nicoline is fully equipped to entirely make production inside the company but also, which adds even more value to Nicoline qualities, has a team of employees across all of the departments that have more than 20 years of experience in the industry.


Today, with almost 30 years of experience, Nicoline is a serious sofa-maker figure. It is certainly a synonym of quality, care for details and ongoing research for new and avant-garde materials. Nicoline is a strong and emerging industrial entity inclined to achieve a product of the highest quality and design, entirely Made in Italy.


My passion for harmony began since my childhood. I remember that at the age of nine I visited, for the first time, a sofa company in the outskirts of my town, and I began to fantasize, plan and passing through my mind’s eye, I saw operators at work, I started to gather and store information such as to feel myself part of that fantasy, as though my hands were already cutting the leather; it was my passion that traced my way, my aspirations, nourished my big gamble. Today I know it was my imagination and my passion which led me to this point.

Nicola Palasciano, CEO

Nicola Palasciano, CEO | Nicoline Italia
All of Nicoline’s products are checked at every stage of production in order to guarantee superior ‘Made in Italy’ sofas, that are individually upholstered to fit our customer’s desires.

Made in Italy Certification

The company has obtained directly from the institute for the Protection of Italian Producers a quality certification called "100% Made in Italy".